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101 – LESSON 1: Introduction to Ocean Plastics

Lesson 1 provides an overview of plastic, explains plastic Resin Identification Codes, and explains how to sort and recycle plastic correctly.


102 – LESSON 2: What are Microplastics?

What are Microplastics: An introduction to microplastics including sources of microplastics and why microplastics are an issue.

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103 – LESSON 3: The Journey of Plastics to the Ocean

The Journey of Plastics to the Ocean: An introduction to how plastics become ocean plastics including the common pathways for plastics to reach the ocean.

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104 – LESSON 4: Why is Plastic Pollution a Problem?

The Ocean Plastics Pollution Problem: An introduction to why ocean plastics are an issue including its effects on people and the planet.


105 – LESSON 5: Creating a Circular Economy for Plastics

Circular Economy 101: An introduction to the concept of a circular economy and how it could help resolve the ocean plastics pollution issue.

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206 – LESSON 6: Ocean Plastics 201: A Deeper Dive

Ocean Plastics 201: An introduction to ocean plastics and what makes them different than plastics collected through source separated land-based programs. This includes sources of the plastics, contamination, sorting, management, and processing.

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207 – LESSON 7: Moving to Action – Encouraging Behaviour Change

Encouraging Behavioural Changes: An overview of how to encourage and enable behavioural changes that would work towards preventing and collecting ocean plastics, and encourage people to ‘join the ocean plastics cause’.

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208 – LESSON 8: Taking Action, Creating A Plastics Recycling System

Recycling System Planning: An overview of how to set up a recycling system for ocean plastics prevention and management: essentially a “Master Recycler’ course aimed at anyone who seeks to collect or process plastics or ocean plastics.

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209 – LESSON 9: Using Policy to Make a Difference

How to Use Policies to Affect Change: An overview of the kinds of policies that exist that could stem the flow of ocean plastics into the environment (e.g., extended producer responsibility, deposit return systems, green procurement, funding tools).

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210 – LESSON 10: Advocating for Change

How to Advocate for Change: An overview of ‘how to advocate for change’ (e.g., in policies or actions), using Canada as the example location for that advocacy.

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