We are grateful for these wonderful humans who have worked hard to bring this educational material to you.

The EPIC Academy was created by Ocean Legacy Foundation (OLF) to develop an introductory educational curriculum on ocean plastics pollution. It is the culmination of the tools and knowledge acquired through decades of learned experience to provide those interested in helping to solve the ocean plastic pollution crisis; a place to start. Using this curriculum, one can learn about the issues of plastic pollution and how to can begin to take immediate action to affect long term change in your community.

Ocean Legacy thanks all those who came together to make this project a reality, including project lead Chloé Dubois; lesson authors Jodi Tomchyshyn London, Lisa Grotkowski, Martina de Marcos, and Daniel Rotman; lesson designer and website developer Shylo Love; and translator Claudia Boucher.

We will continue to evolve this curriculum over future years and look forward to continuing to create accessible, pragmatic tools to achieve plastic-free lands and waters.

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